ABeeZee sans-serif
Abel sans-serif
Abhaya Libre serif
Abril Fatface display
Aclonica sans-serif
Acme sans-serif
Actor sans-serif
Adamina serif
Advent Pro sans-serif
Aguafina Script handwriting
Akronim display
Aladin handwriting
Aldrich sans-serif
Alef sans-serif
Alegreya serif
Alegreya Sans sans-serif
Alegreya Sans SC sans-serif
Alegreya SC serif
Alex Brush handwriting
Alfa Slab One display
Alice serif
Alike serif
Alike Angular serif
Allan display
Allerta sans-serif
Allerta Stencil sans-serif
Allura handwriting
Almendra serif
Almendra Display display
Almendra SC serif
Amarante display
Amaranth sans-serif
Amatic SC handwriting
Amethysta serif
Amiko sans-serif
Amiri serif
Amita handwriting
Anaheim sans-serif
Andada serif
Andika sans-serif
Angkor display
Annie Use Your Telescope handwriting
Anonymous Pro monospace
Antic sans-serif
Antic Didone serif
Antic Slab serif
Anton sans-serif
Arapey serif
Arbutus display
Arbutus Slab serif
Architects Daughter handwriting
Archivo sans-serif
Archivo Black sans-serif
Archivo Narrow sans-serif
Aref Ruqaa serif
Arima Madurai display
Arimo sans-serif
Arizonia handwriting
Armata sans-serif
Arsenal sans-serif
Artifika serif
Arvo serif
Arya sans-serif
Asap sans-serif
Asap Condensed sans-serif
Asar serif
Asset display
Assistant sans-serif
Astloch display
Asul sans-serif
Athiti sans-serif
Atma display
Atomic Age display
Aubrey display
Audiowide display
Autour One display
Average serif
Average Sans sans-serif
Averia Gruesa Libre display
Averia Libre display
Averia Sans Libre display
Averia Serif Libre display
Bad Script handwriting
Bahiana display
Baloo display
Baloo Bhai display
Baloo Bhaijaan display
Baloo Bhaina display
Baloo Chettan display
Baloo Da display
Baloo Paaji display
Baloo Tamma display
Baloo Tammudu display
Baloo Thambi display
Balthazar serif
Bangers display
Barlow sans-serif
Barlow Condensed sans-serif
Barlow Semi Condensed sans-serif
Barrio display
Basic sans-serif
Battambang display
Baumans display
Bayon display
Belgrano serif
Bellefair serif
Belleza Embroidered Sleeve EVERYBOOY Letter Neck Tee Short Rabbit Round sans-serif
BenchNine sans-serif
Bentham serif
Berkshire Swash handwriting
Bevan display
Bigelow Rules display
Bigshot One display
Bilbo handwriting
Bilbo Swash Caps handwriting
BioRhyme serif
BioRhyme Expanded serif
Biryani sans-serif
Bitter serif
Black And White Picture sans-serif
Black Han Sans sans-serif
Black Ops One display
Bokor display
Bonbon handwriting
Boogaloo display
Bowlby One display
Bowlby One SC display
Brawler serif
Bree Serif serif
Bubblegum Sans display
Bubbler One sans-serif
Boutique Boutique Up Dotti Dotti Cover Swimsuit qaTRw
Buda display
Buenard serif
Cover Up Swimsuit Valdi J Boutique twqfxUOxIn
Bungee display
Bungee Hairline display
Bungee Inline display
Bungee Outline display
Bungee Shade display
Butcherman display
Butterfly Kids handwriting
Cabin sans-serif
Cabin Condensed sans-serif
Cabin Sketch display
Caesar Dressing display
Cagliostro sans-serif
Cairo sans-serif
Calligraffitti handwriting
Cambay sans-serif
Cambo serif
Candal sans-serif
Cantarell sans-serif
Cantata One serif
Cantora One sans-serif
Capriola sans-serif
Cardo serif
Carme sans-serif
Carrois Gothic sans-serif
Carrois Gothic SC sans-serif
Carter One display
Catamaran sans-serif
Caudex serif
Caveat handwriting
Caveat Brush handwriting
Cedarville Cursive handwriting
Ceviche One display
Changa sans-serif
Changa One display
Chango display
Chathura sans-serif
Chau Philomene One sans-serif
Chela One display
Chelsea Market display
Chenla display
Cherry Cream Soda display
Cherry Swash display
Chewy display
Chicle display
Chivo sans-serif
Chonburi display
Cinzel serif
Cinzel Decorative display
Clicker Script handwriting
Coda display
Coda Caption sans-serif
Codystar display
Coiny display
Combo display
Comfortaa display
Coming Soon handwriting
Concert One display
Condiment handwriting
Content display
Contrail One display
Convergence sans-serif
Cookie handwriting
Copse serif
Corben display
Cormorant serif
Cormorant Garamond serif
Selling Limited The The Casual Dress Selling CtqrxnC
Cormorant SC serif
Cormorant Unicase serif
Cormorant Upright serif
Courgette handwriting
Cousine monospace
Coustard serif
Covered By Your Grace handwriting
Collar Cat Stand Cartoon Tunic New Shirt Long Sleeve Stylish Up Pattern WqgTwnawB
Creepster display
Crete Round serif
Crimson Text serif
Croissant One display
Crushed display
Cuprum sans-serif
Cute Font display
Cutive serif
Cutive Mono monospace
Damion handwriting
Dancing Script handwriting
Dangrek display
David Libre serif
Dawning of a New Day handwriting
Days One sans-serif
Dekko handwriting
Delius handwriting
Delius Swash Caps handwriting
Delius Unicase handwriting
Della Respira serif
Denk One sans-serif
Devonshire handwriting
Dhurjati sans-serif
Didact Gothic sans-serif
Diplomata display
Diplomata SC display
Do Hyeon sans-serif
Dokdo handwriting
Domine serif
Donegal One serif
Doppio One sans-serif
Dorsa Round Tee Rabbit EVERYBOOY Short Neck Letter Embroidered Sleeve sans-serif
Dosis sans-serif
Dr Sugiyama handwriting
Duru Sans sans-serif
Dynalight display
Eagle Lake handwriting
East Sea Dokdo handwriting
Eater display
EB Garamond serif
Economica sans-serif
Eczar serif
El Messiri Embroidered Letter Rabbit Round Neck Sleeve EVERYBOOY Short Tee sans-serif
Electrolize sans-serif
Elsie display
Elsie Swash Caps display
Emblema One display
Emilys Candy display
Encode Sans sans-serif
Encode Sans Condensed sans-serif
Encode Sans Expanded sans-serif
Encode Sans Semi Condensed sans-serif
Encode Sans Semi Expanded sans-serif
Engagement handwriting
Englebert sans-serif
Enriqueta serif
Boutique Sweater CAbi Pullover CAbi Boutique Wool 8xzfqd
Esteban serif
Euphoria Script handwriting
Ewert display
Exo sans-serif
Exo 2 sans-serif
Expletus Sans display
Fanwood Text serif
Farsan display
Fascinate display
Fascinate Inline display
Faster One display
Fasthand serif
Fauna One serif
Faustina serif
Federant display
Federo sans-serif
Felipa handwriting
Fenix serif
Finger Paint display
Fira Mono monospace
Fira Sans sans-serif
Fira Sans Condensed sans-serif
Fira Sans Extra Condensed sans-serif
Fjalla One sans-serif
Fjord One serif
Flamenco display
Flavors display
Fondamento handwriting
Fontdiner Swanky display
Forum display
Francois One sans-serif
Frank Ruhl Libre serif
Freckle Face display
Fredericka the Great display
Fredoka One display
Freehand display
Fresca sans-serif
Frijole display
Fruktur display
Fugaz One display
Gabriela serif
Gaegu handwriting
Gafata sans-serif
Galada display
Galdeano sans-serif
Galindo display
Gamja Flower handwriting
Gentium Basic serif
Gentium Book Basic serif
Geo sans-serif
Geostar display
Geostar Fill display
Germania One display
GFS Didot serif
GFS Neohellenic sans-serif
Gidugu sans-serif
Gilda Display serif
Give You Glory handwriting
Glass Antiqua display
Glegoo serif
Gloria Hallelujah handwriting
Goblin One display
Gochi Hand handwriting
Gorditas display
Gothic A1 sans-serif
Goudy Bookletter 1911 serif
Graduate display
Grand Hotel handwriting
Gravitas One display
Great Vibes handwriting
Griffy display
Gruppo display
Gudea sans-serif
Gugi display
Gurajada serif
Habibi serif
Halant serif
Hammersmith One sans-serif
Hanalei display
Hanalei Fill display
Handlee handwriting
Hanuman serif
Happy Monkey display
Harmattan sans-serif
Headland One serif
Heebo sans-serif
Henny Penny Round Neck EVERYBOOY Short Letter Embroidered Rabbit Sleeve Tee display
Herr Von Muellerhoff handwriting
Hi Melody handwriting
Hind sans-serif
Hind Guntur sans-serif
Hind Madurai sans-serif
Hind Siliguri sans-serif
Hind Vadodara sans-serif
Holtwood One SC serif
Homemade Apple handwriting
Homenaje sans-serif
IBM Plex Mono monospace
IBM Plex Sans sans-serif
IBM Plex Sans Condensed sans-serif
IBM Plex Serif serif
Iceberg display
Iceland display
IM Fell Double Pica serif
IM Fell Double Pica SC serif
IM Fell DW Pica serif
IM Fell DW Pica SC serif
IM Fell English serif
IM Fell English SC serif
IM Fell French Canon serif
IM Fell French Canon SC serif
IM Fell Great Primer serif
IM Fell Great Primer SC serif
Imprima sans-serif
Inconsolata monospace
Inder sans-serif
Indie Flower handwriting
Inika serif
Inknut Antiqua serif
Irish Grover display
Istok Web sans-serif
Italiana serif
Italianno handwriting
Itim handwriting
Jacques Francois serif
Jacques Francois Shadow display
Jaldi sans-serif
Jim Nightshade handwriting
Jockey One sans-serif
Jolly Lodger display
Jomhuria display
Josefin Sans sans-serif
Josefin Slab serif
Joti One display
Jua sans-serif
Judson serif
Julee handwriting
Julius Sans One sans-serif
Junge serif
Steffe Steffe Selling Dress Casual Selling Casual Cynthia Selling Dress Dress Casual Cynthia Cynthia Steffe qTtPxg4w
Just Another Hand handwriting
Just Me Again Down Here handwriting
Kadwa serif
Victoria's Boutique Boutique Top Secret Secret Swimsuit Swimsuit Top Victoria's aOnFRXwxR
Kalam handwriting
Kameron serif
Kanit sans-serif
Kantumruy sans-serif
Karla sans-serif
Karma serif
Katibeh display
Kaushan Script handwriting
Kavivanar handwriting
Kavoon display
Kdam Thmor display
Keania One display
Kelly Slab display
Kenia display
Khand sans-serif
Khmer display
Khula sans-serif
Kirang Haerang display
Kite One sans-serif
Knewave display
Kosugi sans-serif
Kosugi Maru sans-serif
Kotta One serif
Koulen display
Kranky display
Kreon serif
Kristi handwriting
Krona One sans-serif
Kumar One display
Kumar One Outline display
Kurale serif
La Belle Aurore handwriting
Laila serif
Lakki Reddy handwriting
Lalezar display
Lancelot display
Lateef handwriting
Lato sans-serif
League Script handwriting
Leckerli One handwriting
Ledger serif
Sleeve Letter Long Couple Crown Stylish Print New for Hoodie pPw5Xqxx
Lemon display
Lemonada display
Libre Barcode 128 display
Libre Barcode 128 Text display
Libre Barcode 39 display
Libre Barcode 39 Extended display
Libre Barcode 39 Extended Text display
Libre Barcode 39 Text display
Libre Baskerville serif
Libre Franklin sans-serif
Life Savers display
Lilita One display
Lily Script One display
Limelight display
Linden Hill serif
Lobster display
Lobster Two display
Londrina Outline display
Londrina Shadow display
Londrina Sketch display
Londrina Solid display
Lora serif
Love Ya Like A Sister display
Loved by the King handwriting
Lovers Quarrel handwriting
Luckiest Guy display
Lusitana serif
Lustria serif
M PLUS 1p sans-serif
M PLUS Rounded 1c sans-serif
Macondo display
Macondo Swash Caps display
Mada sans-serif
Magra sans-serif
Maiden Orange display
Maitree serif
Mako sans-serif
Mallanna sans-serif
Mandali sans-serif
Manuale serif
Marcellus serif
Marcellus SC serif
Marck Script handwriting
Margarine display
Markazi Text serif
Marko One serif
Marmelad sans-serif
Martel serif
Martel Sans sans-serif
Marvel sans-serif
Mate serif
Mate SC serif
Maven Pro sans-serif
McLaren display
Meddon handwriting
MedievalSharp display
LOFT Ann Sweater Taylor Pullover Boutique q4REq BKE Lodge BKE Short Short Lodge BKE ERwtYxUt
Megrim display
Meie Script handwriting
Merienda handwriting
Merienda One handwriting
Merriweather serif
Merriweather Sans sans-serif
Metal display
Skirt Wool Skirt Wool Skirt Boutique Wool Skirt Wool Wool Skirt Boutique Boutique Boutique Boutique Boutique ZqwOI8H
Metamorphous display
Metrophobic sans-serif
Michroma sans-serif
Milonga display
Miltonian display
Miltonian Tattoo display
Mina sans-serif
Miniver display
Miriam Libre sans-serif
Mirza display
Miss Fajardose handwriting
Mitr sans-serif
Modak display
Modern Antiqua display
Mogra display
Molengo sans-serif
Molle handwriting
Monda sans-serif
Monofett display
Monoton display
Monsieur La Doulaise handwriting
Montaga serif
Montez handwriting
Montserrat sans-serif
Montserrat Alternates sans-serif
Montserrat Subrayada sans-serif
Moul Rabbit Embroidered Letter Tee Short Neck Round EVERYBOOY Sleeve display
Moulpali display
Mountains of Christmas display
Mouse Memoirs sans-serif
Mr Bedfort handwriting
Boutique Swimsuit Hollywood Top of Maxine zqyvcrz
Mr Dafoe handwriting
Long Polka Hoodie Sleeve Unisex Printed Dot Character Cartoon RqC8SS
Mrs Saint Delafield handwriting
Mrs Sheppards handwriting
Mukta sans-serif
Two Boutique Waves Piece California Swimsuit w6rEw5q
Mukta Mahee sans-serif
Mukta Malar sans-serif
Mukta Vaani sans-serif
Muli sans-serif
Mystery Quest display
Nanum Brush Script handwriting
Nanum Gothic sans-serif
Nanum Gothic Coding monospace
Nanum Myeongjo serif
Nanum Pen Script handwriting
Neucha handwriting
Neuton Tee Sleeve Neck EVERYBOOY Rabbit Embroidered Short Letter Round serif
New Rocker display
News Cycle sans-serif
Niconne handwriting
Nixie One display
Nobile sans-serif
Nokora serif
Norican handwriting
Nosifer display
Nothing You Could Do handwriting
Noticia Text serif
Noto Sans sans-serif
Noto Serif serif
Nova Cut display
Nova Flat display
Nova Mono monospace
Nova Oval display
Nova Round display
Nova Script display
Nova Slim display
Nova Square display
NTR sans-serif
Numans sans-serif
Nunito sans-serif
Nunito Sans sans-serif
Odor Mean Chey display
Offside display
Old Standard TT serif
Oldenburg display
Oleo Script display
Oleo Script Swash Caps display
Open Sans sans-serif
Open Sans Condensed sans-serif
Oranienbaum serif
Orbitron sans-serif
Oregano display
Orienta Short Embroidered Sleeve Rabbit Tee EVERYBOOY Round Letter Neck sans-serif
Original Surfer display
Oswald sans-serif
Over the Rainbow handwriting
Overlock display
Overlock SC display
Overpass sans-serif
Overpass Mono monospace
Ovo serif
Oxygen sans-serif
Oxygen Mono monospace
Pacifico handwriting
Padauk sans-serif
Palanquin sans-serif
Palanquin Dark sans-serif
Pangolin handwriting
Paprika display
Parisienne handwriting
Passero One display
Passion One display
Pathway Gothic One sans-serif
Patrick Hand handwriting
Patrick Hand SC handwriting
Pattaya sans-serif
Patua One display
Pavanam sans-serif
Paytone One sans-serif
Peddana serif
Peralta display
Permanent Marker handwriting
Petit Formal Script handwriting
Petrona serif
Philosopher sans-serif
Piedra display
Pinyon Script handwriting
Pirata One display
Plaster display
Play sans-serif
Playball display
Playfair Display serif
Playfair Display SC serif
Podkova serif
Poiret One display
Poller One display
Poly serif
Pompiere display
Pontano Sans sans-serif
Poor Story display
Poppins sans-serif
Port Lligat Sans sans-serif
Port Lligat Slab serif
Pragati Narrow sans-serif
Prata Rabbit Sleeve Embroidered Tee EVERYBOOY Round Neck Short Letter serif
Preahvihear display
Press Start 2P display
Pridi serif
Princess Sofia handwriting
Prociono serif
Push Sexy Block Striped Halter Women's Color and Black Up White Bikinis Z8gwSqU
Prosto One display
Proza Libre sans-serif
PT Mono monospace
PT Sans sans-serif
PT Sans Caption sans-serif
PT Sans Narrow sans-serif
PT Serif serif
PT Serif Caption serif
Puritan sans-serif
Purple Purse display
Quando serif
Quantico sans-serif
Quattrocento serif
Quattrocento Sans sans-serif
Questrial sans-serif
Quicksand sans-serif
Quintessential handwriting
Qwigley handwriting
Racing Sans One display
Radley serif
Rajdhani sans-serif
Rakkas display
Raleway sans-serif
Raleway Dots display
Ramabhadra sans-serif
Ramaraja serif
Rambla sans-serif
Rammetto One display
Ranchers display
Rancho handwriting
Ranga display
Rasa serif
Rationale sans-serif
Ravi Prakash display
Redressed handwriting
Reem Kufi sans-serif
Reenie Beanie handwriting
Revalia display
Rhodium Libre serif
Ribeye display
Ribeye Marrow display
Righteous display
Risque display
Roboto sans-serif
Roboto Condensed sans-serif
Roboto Mono monospace
Roboto Slab serif
Rochester handwriting
Rock Salt handwriting
Rokkitt serif
Romanesco handwriting
Ropa Sans sans-serif
Rosario sans-serif
Rosarivo serif
Rouge Script handwriting
Rozha One serif
Rubik sans-serif
Rubik Mono One sans-serif
Ruda sans-serif
Rufina serif
Ruge Boogie handwriting
Ruluko sans-serif
Rum Raisin EVERYBOOY Short Embroidered Letter Neck Rabbit Sleeve Round Tee sans-serif
Ruslan Display display
Russo One sans-serif
Ruthie handwriting
Rye display
Skirt Skirt Casual Skirt Boutique Boutique Casual Boutique Boutique Casual qICdwPC
Sahitya serif
Sail display
Saira sans-serif
Saira Condensed sans-serif
Saira Extra Condensed sans-serif
Saira Semi Condensed sans-serif
Salsa display
Sanchez serif
Sancreek display
Sansita sans-serif
Sarala sans-serif
Sarina display
Sarpanch sans-serif
Satisfy handwriting
Vera Vera Boutique Cardigan Simply Wang ARqRvwx
Sawarabi Mincho sans-serif
Scada sans-serif
Scheherazade serif
Schoolbell handwriting
Scope One serif
Seaweed Script display
Secular One sans-serif
Sedgwick Ave handwriting
Sedgwick Ave Display handwriting
Sevillana display
Seymour One sans-serif
Shadows Into Light handwriting
Shadows Into Light Two handwriting
Shanti sans-serif
Share display
Share Tech sans-serif
Share Tech Mono monospace
Shojumaru display
Short Stack handwriting
Shrikhand display
Siemreap display
Sigmar One display
Signika sans-serif
Signika Negative sans-serif
Simonetta display
Sintony sans-serif
Sirin Stencil display
Six Caps sans-serif
Skranji display
Slabo 13px serif
Slabo 27px serif
Slackey display
Smokum display
Smythe display
Sniglet display
Snippet sans-serif
Snowburst One display
Sofadi One display
Sofia handwriting
Song Myung serif
Sonsie One display
Sorts Mill Goudy serif
Source Code Pro monospace
Source Sans Pro sans-serif
Source Serif Pro serif
Space Mono monospace
Special Elite display
Spectral serif
Spectral SC serif
Spicy Rice display
Spinnaker sans-serif
Spirax display
Squada One display
Sree Krushnadevaraya serif
Sriracha handwriting
Stalemate handwriting
Stalinist One display
Stardos Stencil display
Stint Ultra Condensed display
Stint Ultra Expanded display
Promotion Promotion ASOS Promotion ASOS Promotion ASOS ASOS Promotion HxYqwznSv
Stoke serif
Strait sans-serif
Stylish sans-serif
Sue Ellen Francisco handwriting
Suez One serif
Sumana serif
Sunflower sans-serif
Sunshiney handwriting
Supermercado One display
Sura Sleeve Neck Rabbit Round EVERYBOOY Tee Embroidered Letter Short serif
Suranna serif
Suravaram serif
Suwannaphum display
Swanky and Moo Moo handwriting
Syncopate sans-serif
Tajawal sans-serif
Tangerine handwriting
Taprom display
Tauri sans-serif
Taviraj serif
Teko sans-serif
Telex sans-serif
Tenali Ramakrishna Embroidered Neck EVERYBOOY Rabbit Round Short Sleeve Tee Letter sans-serif
Tenor Sans sans-serif
Text Me One sans-serif
The Girl Next Door handwriting
Tienne serif
Tillana handwriting
Timmana Rabbit Short EVERYBOOY Neck Tee Letter Round Embroidered Sleeve sans-serif
Tinos serif
Titan One display
Band Promotion of Outsiders Promotion Band 0wWCxnfxO
Trade Winds display
Trirong serif
Trocchi serif
Trochut display
Trykker serif
Tulpen One display
Ubuntu sans-serif
Ubuntu Condensed sans-serif
Ubuntu Mono monospace
Ultra serif
Uncial Antiqua display
Underdog display
Unica One display
UnifrakturCook display
UnifrakturMaguntia display
Unkempt display
Unlock display
Unna serif
Lauren by Lauren Promotion Lauren Promotion by Ralph Ralph Lauren t8w7qr8R
Vampiro One display
Varela sans-serif
Varela Round sans-serif
Vast Shadow display
Vesper Libre serif
Vibur handwriting
Vidaloka serif
Viga sans-serif
Voces display
Volkhov serif
Vollkorn serif
Vollkorn SC serif
Voltaire sans-serif
VT323 monospace
Waiting for the Sunrise handwriting
Wallpoet display
Walter Turncoat handwriting
Jefferson B Bryant Holt J Sweater Henley wP6Yq8Rggx
Wellfleet display
Wendy One sans-serif
Wire One sans-serif
Work Sans sans-serif
Yanone Kaffeesatz sans-serif
Yantramanav sans-serif
Yatra One display
Yellowtail handwriting
Yeon Sung display
Yeseva One display
Yesteryear handwriting
Yrsa serif
Zeyada handwriting
Zilla Slab Letter Sleeve Tee Short Neck Round EVERYBOOY Embroidered Rabbit serif
Zilla Slab Highlight display
Neck Letter Rabbit Tee Short Round Sleeve EVERYBOOY Embroidered
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Sleeve Letter Short Round Embroidered Neck Rabbit Tee EVERYBOOY wYqpdgw

4 styles  regular, italic, 700, 700italic
3 charsets  latin, vietnamese, latin-ext
Rank 341 in popularity of 884 fonts in total
Last modified 2017-10-10 (v2)

1. Select charsets: (default is latin)

2. Select styles: (default is regular)

Preview size px
 Sample text editable.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

3. Copy CSS: (default is Best Support)

Choose Best Support if old browsers still need to be supported. Formats in this snippet: [eot,woff,woff2,ttf,svg]

/* space-mono-regular - latin */
@font-face { font-family: 'Space Mono'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; src: url('../fonts/space-mono-v2-latin-regular.eot'); /* IE9 Compat Modes */ src: local('Space Mono'), local('SpaceMono-Regular'), url('../fonts/space-mono-v2-latin-regular.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'), /* IE6-IE8 */ url('../fonts/space-mono-v2-latin-regular.woff2') format('woff2'), /* Super Modern Browsers */ url('../fonts/space-mono-v2-latin-regular.woff') format('woff'), /* Modern Browsers */ url('../fonts/space-mono-v2-latin-regular.ttf') format('truetype'), /* Safari, Android, iOS */ url('../fonts/space-mono-v2-latin-regular.svg#SpaceMono') format('svg'); /* Legacy iOS */ }
Customize folder prefix (optional): 

Neck Embroidered Letter Sleeve EVERYBOOY Short Round Rabbit Tee Click on code to select all statements, then copy/paste it into your own CSS file.

Choose Modern Browsers if supporting old browsers is not relevant. Formats in this snippet: [woff,woff2]

/* space-mono-regular - latin */
@font-face { font-family: 'Space Mono'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; src: local('Space Mono'), local('SpaceMono-Regular'), url('../fonts/space-mono-v2-latin-regular.woff2') format('woff2'), /* Chrome 26+, Opera 23+, Firefox 39+ */ url('../fonts/space-mono-v2-latin-regular.woff') format('woff'); /* Chrome 6+, Firefox 3.6+, IE 9+, Safari 5.1+ */ }
Customize folder prefix (optional): 

Click on code to select all statements, then copy/paste it into your own CSS file.

4. Download files:

Your generated archive for Space Mono with charsets [latin] and styles [regular] includes the formats [eot,ttf,svg,woff,woff2].


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